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Slide Melissa is the founder of Third Eye: A Sacred Space For Conscious Living. Based in Scotland, UK. Formerly a Contemporary dancer, Choreographer + Make-up Artist; turned Yoga teacher, Cacao ceremonialist, Ecstatic Dance facilitator + Moon mystic.

Founder Her intention with Third Eye is to
provide a welcoming community space where people feel able to show up as they are to explore, unravel, heal, connect and share with like-minded souls. She is passionate about guiding + empowering people to live their most authentic lives by healing past wounds + deconstructing conditioning, rediscovering the magick of ritual + connecting with the natural world.
Third Eye, is an invitation for you to live in authentic alignment through explorations of the self. To invite in healing + expansion on physical, energetic + spiritual level. To improve awareness + wellbeing,
reach higher states of consciousness
+ engage in traditional + esoteric
practises that help support you in
an ever-changing world.

Intension What We Do

Slide Growing up with a spiritual mama in a small village by the ocean, Melissa learned the sacred art of ritual + connecting with the earth a young age. This lead onto in her teenage years discovering the benefits of meditation, practising Reiki + switching to a Vegan diet for the planet. However, it wasn’t until 2016 when her own true awakening + subsequent healing journey began. Spending a few months in 2017 travelling in South America + working at a Yoga sanctuary. During this time she began to reclaim lost parts of herself + find transformational healing through plant medicine + other self explorative practises. It was through this deep journey from darkness to light, that empowered her upon returning to the UK to create this space + share her wisdom.

An Awakening
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