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The Couples Cacao Journey : Conscious Relationship Work with Plant Medicine

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+The Couples Cacao Journey+


Create Deeper Intimacy + Connection

with Plant Medicine

Looking to dive deeper into conscious relationship work?
This journey will guide you and your lover to discover a whole new layer of intimacy to blissfully surrender to. Through learning how to create + hold sacred space for one another, you will have a safe container to be able to explore the full capacity of your connection.
Designed as an initial 8 day commitment; you will work with ceremonial Cacao through daily ritual as a supportive emotional tool + gateway to opening the heart for authentic expression + elevated states of consciousness.
You will receive guidance on how to create a unique couples Cacao ritual,  whilst also weaving in basic principles of Tantra + additional supportive practices for more expansive exploration of self + one another. These include eye gazing, breath-work, gratitude practice, meditation, journaling + more. All potent tools to help you to remain conscious, present + attentive in your relationship.
Whether you are new to cultivating this kind of space together, looking for something new to re-connect or simply journey deeper into your relationship; this course will have you revealing + unfolding all parts of your heart in divine unity. This work will enable you to not only gain greater understanding of your partners heart space + relationship needs, but also your own.
You will walk away having all the tools you need to continue to integrate this ritual into a regular practice to nourish your relationship. Whether you continue with daily ritual or connect once a week; you will find this to be a powerful way to keep the communication channels open + keep your love flowing in a beautiful place of sacred intimacy.


Upon signing up you will receive 1 x 16oz bag

+ Firefly Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao +

Exclusively sold by Third Eye in the UK

– Embodied emotional support & intimacy
– Heart opening
– Potent
– Sensual
*Also contains Damiana flower, known for its aphrodisiac qualities*
This is enough Cacao to last the initial 8 day journey based on 20g daily dose each
+ 40g dose upon opening + closing the journey.
(UK only)

10% discount code for additional ritual tools

+ Mayan Copal Incense +

To infuse your space + Cacao with blessings, from this traditional sacred resin.


+ Third Eye “Luna” Ritual Oil +

Ylang Ylang, Lavender + Vetiver essential oils marry to create the most deliciously intoxicating scent.
Close your daily ritual with a sensual massage or add to the bath + take a dip together.


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