Pisces Ritual Kit

£25. 00 inc. VAT

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Pisces Ritual Kit

£25. 00 inc. VAT

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D r e a m y  .  I n t u i t i v e  .  B o u n d l e s s

The dreamiest, most creative + romantic of the astrological signs.

Pisces energy teaches us not to be afraid to lead with our hearts, explore our biggest dreams + work to bring them into reality.

The final sign in the Zodiac, ruled by Neptune (the god of the oceans) + is thereby associated with the water element.

Pisces holds a strong feminine energy. This can help guide us into fluidity + creative expression through connecting more deeply with our intuitive impulses.

Pisces energy is all about feeling into things, rather than over thinking or analysing; which gives us a a welcomed reminder to usher ourselves into our emotional bodies as a means of accessing aligned + authentic self guidance.


C o n t e n t s

+  Amethyst Tea Infuser

Infuse your tea time with the calming energies of Amethyst.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal for purifying the mind, giving relief to states of imbalance which manifest as anxiety, insomnia or depression.

Associated with Pisces due to its ability to balance emotions, stimulate intuition + facilitate meditation.


+ Guayusa + Lavender Tea (12g)

A mildly stimulating green leaf from the Ecuadorian Amazon with the addition of calming Lavender.

Guayusa has a long history of use by indigenous communities for supporting dream-work. From promoting lucid dream states to supporting dream recall + interpretation; this plant supports the practice of exploring our subconscious realms for greater self awareness, healing + creativity.


Provides a clean source of caffeine through Theobromine to invoke mental clarity.

Theanine to calm the mind + body + restore the nervous system .

High anti-oxidant content – 10 x more than green tea.


6 x servings (1 Tbsp per serving)

Brew at 80 degrees celsius.

Enjoy in the morning before dream journaling or meditation.



Guayusa leaf, Lavender flower.


+ The Moon Tarot Card Sticker

Holographic sticker for decorating your lunar journal or otherwise.

‘The Moon’ in the tarot deck of cards has long been associated with Pisces. The Major Arcana card that symbolises empathy, intuition, creativity + the subconscious.


+ Lilac Dusk Spell Candle

Ignite the hidden knowledge within.

Supports meditation + work with the crown chakra, helping to expand consciousness + cosmic awareness.


+ Californian White Sage

Powerful plant ally for purification of the mind, energetic body + physical spaces.

Traditionally used in ceremony by the Native Americans of Southwest U.S for protection + to promote visions.


Includes 1 x charcoal disc for burning.


To safely heat the coal, handle with scissors or metal tongs to hold over a candle flame. It is normal to get a few sparks whilst it is heating up.

Place on a stone, or alternative heat proof dish + submit only a small amount of herbs at a time.

Allow to burn completely to ash + dispose of the remains outside, in the garden or by flushing.

Never touch the hot coal with your hands.


+ Geode Bath Bomb

Infuse your bath ritual or foot soak with some celestial moon rock magic.

Made with coconut oils for leaving skin silky smooth + deeply nourished.

Wild berry scented.



Ctric acid, bicarbonate of soda, corn-starch, mica powder, coconut oil, essential oils, H20 polysorbate 80, kaolin clay, witch-hazel, SLSA, cream of tartar, Himalayan salt.


+ Starseed Oracle Card (not pictured)



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